Take Back Summer, Parents!


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My memories of summer as a child were…well…mostly uneventful. We drudged through week after week of school, counting the days down ‘til summer, and then our dreams finally became reality somewhere in the early weeks of June. About 2.2 days … Continue reading

My kids are not my world….and they should know that.


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Somewhere along the continuum of historical parenting, it’s become norm to demonstrate our love for our kids by making them the center of our world. I have encountered countless parents who have prided themselves in this single, all encompassing statement: … Continue reading

Teenagehood is a fallacy- stop thinking it’s real


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Every parent dreads it (or will). Every grandparent remembers it with a mildly disdainful grin. Every child (pre-10) cannot wait for it. Every teacher cringes daily because of it. And absolutely no one (no one, I say) can figure it … Continue reading

Snow ice cream and skunks in the trunk- How family traditions are more important than you think


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When my mother-in-law suddenly passed away this April, I helped plan a funeral for the first time in my life. With death comes a sudden realization of our own mortality. Sitting in a small funeral parlor, making decisions on caskets, … Continue reading