2015- My Year of Living Like Ben!


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When I was a teacher, I tried everything to engage my often less-than-enthused middle school students in the art of studying the past. But if I’m going to be honest, teaching history was a thorn. One particular stroke of genius, … Continue reading

Do Not Substitute Anarchy for Rule of Law


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When I began this blog, I firmly believed that I would not succumb to making political commentaries on the media frenzy of the day. I’d stick to sound (and almost always spot on) advice on raising thy children. What I’ve … Continue reading

My 2 Cents on Texas Textbooks and Related Nonsense


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Now that I am “retired” from teaching, I think it proper to do what retired teachers do- complain about education. And it’s fitting that what irks me most about public school at the moment just happens to also be at … Continue reading